Stay on the Path

What does it mean to “stay on the path”? There are so many pathways within and without. Which one(s) should one choose?

Pleasure and Pain

We humans seem to want constant pleasure with no pain. Would we know what actual pleasure felt like without experiencing pain?

Two sides of the same coin

Remember when you met your partner and couldn’t get enough of each other? Perhaps you were somewhat starry-eyed and could only see all their good qualities.

Being seen

I know sometimes I feel quite invisible to those around me. I live in an apartment building with many young adults who for whatever reason prefer not to look at me or say hello.

Holding space

There is a lot of talk these days about holding space for other people. So, what does that look like to me and how do I hold space for my clients during a Matrix Reimprinting session?

Matrix Meditation

I call this a matrix meditation as it gives a glimpse into what a Matrix Reimprinting session might feel like. Please take full responsibility for yourself

Time Travel in the 21st century

I have been receiving and giving Matrix Reimprinting session since 2015. I woke up this morning and realized what we are doing is time traveling!

Looking for Love in all the wrong places

I had an amazing Matrix Reimprinting session this week. I experienced that most of us long for connection and love. I think I already knew

Empowering Giving Birth

Ever since the women’s march in January where an estimated 5 million people around the world marched together, I keep meeting women who tell me their stories about their decisions they made with their unplanned pregnancies.

Tips for Ancestral Healing

What is your ongoing problem, issue, complaint? When did you first feel this? Now look into your family history. Is it possible you are unconsciously connecting with an Ancestor out of loyalty to them or to your family system?

Tips for Creating More Harmonious Relationships

There is a dance to every relationship which is unique and there are also many similarities. I would like to focus on some of the similarities and look at some ideas about