Being seen

I know sometimes I feel quite invisible to those around me. I live in an apartment building with many young adults who for whatever reason prefer not to look at me or say hello. Sometimes I think this is just ageism but there seems to be more going on here that meets the eye. Is it their cell phones in hand or are they really that self-absorbed or busy? Well I had to look at my role in all of this not being seen business. It is true there is a part of me that doesn’t want to be seen, it took me 8 years before I decided to go on Facebook and share some photos. That may sound like a little thing to those that love posting their selfies but it was actually huge for me.

Creating my website and writing and posting blogs was also a huge deal for me. Now business coaches are saying you need to post a video of what you do-ugh. Well I am still working on the being seen part even though there is a part of me that really wants to be seen and of course heard but chunking this down I will just focus on being seen for now. I know from very early on in my childhood I hid sometimes even behind my mother’s skirt. I had times when I took great pride in being able to walk into a store and not having anyone ask me “Can I help you”. I just wanted to be left alone. Well of course this not being seen took a toll on my personal and business relationships. I can’t say I have got this all down now but I have made some big shifts there in both my personal and business visibility. At times now I love being seen even though it still feels a bit scary at times.

How this thing of not wanting to be seen started to shift for me was receiving Matrix Reimprinting sessions where I went back to early childhood memories and accessed my beliefs and fears around not being seen and reimprinted a new positive memory about being seen and what that felt like in my body.

Do you feel sometimes you are not seen? Perhaps you are trying to get help in a store or maybe your parent, spouse, children or grand kids are ignoring you. Maybe you have a business and can’t quite put yourself and your business out into the world. There are many ways not to be seen in our world today, when many people ignore the people around them and look at their computer screens or cell phones. If you would like to look into your beliefs and fears about not being seen, Matrix Reimprinting is a great tool to assist you with this.

Let me know your experiences of not being seen in the world we know today