Empowering Giving Birth

Ever since the women’s march in January where an estimated 5 million people around the world marched together, I keep meeting women who tell me their stories about their decisions they made with their unplanned pregnancies. All their decisions seemed difficult for them and they all gave me the feeling that they had suffered with their decision regardless of which “choice” they had made. One women told me about her illegal abortion in the sixties, another traveling to Cuba by herself, and others about giving a baby up for adoption and other young Moms who decided keep their babies. Many are now ready to speak out, some for the first time. They all experienced challenges with little or no support system. Those choices are still difficult today and there is an over loaming fear that we may be going backwards for women’s rights.

In the sixties and seventies women began to express their “women’s rights”. Then after abortion became legal in the seventies and birth control became available to single women those voices appeared to quiet down some. I am not sure why that was because I imagined many women around the world were still struggling with their “choices”.

I have been working with Matrix Birth Reimprinting helping clients to reimprint a more positive Birth experience for themselves. I now see how important it is to help women with their memories of giving birth and giving the baby up for adoption, or choosing an abortion and other difficult choices they faced in their past. Some women have also wanted to give birth naturally only to have a C-section at the last minute. It is possible to reexperience these difficult times in the “Matrix” and visualize a more supported experience for yourself. If you would like to shift your energy around some of these past birthing experiences let me know. This is important so that we can more forward as empowered women today