Holding space

There is a lot of talk these days about holding space for other people. So, what does that look like to me and how do I hold space for my clients during a Matrix Reimprinting session?

First, I work on clearing my own stuff on a regular basis. I use Matrix Reimprinting for myself so I don’t get triggered by my clients and what they are going though, since many of us humans experience similar issues.

Then I start by emptying myself. I settle in a few minutes before my client arrives in person or via the computer network. Using a short meditation or using EFT. Then I tune into my higher self and the client’s higher self and work from there.

I make sure I set aside all distractions, phone, text, email etc.

I focus on being present with my clients.

Listen, Listen, Listen, without giving advice.

Make no judgement about what I am hearing.

Then I let go of control where the session needs to go. I good session is when it is a surprise to both my client and myself.

A willingness to go on a journey with them wherever they need to go and whatever they need to heal.

This feels like at times I am a “hollow bamboo” emptying myself so there is a space for my clients to heal.