Matrix Meditation

I call this a matrix meditation as it gives a glimpse into what a Matrix Reimprinting session might feel like.

Please take full responsibility for yourself and if you find yourself getting triggered in anyway come out of the meditation and feel your feet on the floor and become grounded in the here and now.

Close your eyes and tune into your body. Inhale and exhale. Relax your head, neck and shoulders. Your arms, hands and fingers. Release any tension in your abdomen and pelvic area. Relax your legs feet and toes.

Now tune in and see if there is a place in your body needing some help? Have your conscious mind check in the unconscious part of the body you have chosen to work with today. Now in a nonjudgmental way ask that part of your body in a supported and safe way, what it has to say about what is going on with it. Just listen don’t analyze. Just listen, take your time. You may or may not get any messages but thank that part of your body for speaking.

Bring a golden healing light down in though the top of your head, creating some new possibilities for healing and ways to love and except your body. Bring that golden light into the place that is needing healing. Then bring it into all your cells and organs of your body. Put your hands on your heart and feel all the love you have for yourself and your body. Just stay there for a few minutes and feel that love and connection. When you are ready send that love out into the universe in every direction. Now thank yourself for showing up today.

Come back to the room and connect with your feet on the floor. Before you go to bed at night check in again with the part of your body which you are healing and ask for any other information it might have for you.

Good – Blessings -Peace