Pleasure and Pain

We humans seem to want constant pleasure with no pain. Would we know what actual pleasure felt like without experiencing pain? Experiencing our own pain maybe one way to feel compassion for others when they are in pain. What do you think about this?

We want bliss! What if bliss lies between pleasure and pain? Many of us think that bliss must be somewhere at the far end of pleasure and that is what we should aim toward. What if bliss is the balance point in the middle? This is not a place that we arrive at once and then we are finished. The balance point is a flexible opportunity to observe ourselves moment to moment. Perhaps it is a soft feeling of the small moments in our day. Enjoying a cool breeze on a warm day. The sun coming out after a rain storm. Watching a small child at play. Enjoying a meal or taking a stroll with someone we love.

Of course, we don’t want to continue carrying our pain around long after a disturbing experience. What if we could shift out of our pain sooner and more easily? Then move into the balance point of bliss. Using Matrix Reimprinting techniques I would like to help you put away some of your past pain. Later, it may then be possible to put these memories in their proper place in your consciousness.