Stay on the Path

What does it mean to “stay on the path”? There are so many pathways within and without. Which one(s) should one choose?

We each have our own path and we have experienced so many twists and turns. How do we know we are headed in the right direction? Or, could it be okay to head in the wrong direction for a while and fall down or come to a dead end? Is time “wasted” when we head out like the “Fool”, the very first card in the Tarot deck? You may ask yourself: was it a valuable lesson? Are you enriched for your mistakes? Does this give a depth to who you are? Is this part of what makes you a multidimensional human being? Who can be strong enough to acknowledge her / his mistakes and more forward stronger in spite of or even because of them?

I can remember Osho saying “It is not the decision you make it is how you live with that decision.” His suggestion was to flip a coin. Oh, but what if we make a big mistake?

In my life I have definitely made some big mistakes. When I think about my own mistakes it makes it easier for me to accept others on their path. How do you view your mistakes? Are there times you took a “wrong” path and now feel guilty or angry about your decision? I have found it to be extremely useful and often profoundly instructive, using Matrix Reimprinting techniques: going into the past and reimprinting beliefs around what you think were “mistakes”.