Time Travel in the 21st century

I have been receiving and giving Matrix Reimprinting session since 2015. I woke up this morning and realized what we are doing is time traveling! I had always thought of time travel as science fiction or something out of the new age. This seemed like quite a revelation even though I had heard my Matrix Reimprinting teacher Rob Nelson say “Time does not exist in the Matrix, time is not linear”.

I have experienced firsthand for myself and my clients that we can move around in time in the “Matrix” or “Field”. We can go back and connect with our younger self all the way back to being in the womb or even the moment of conception. It is also possible to connect with our ancestors, ones we may have never meet. If folks wish they can go back and experience their past lives. While in the “Matrix” or “Field” we can also connect with our future self who may have some words of wisdom for us. That being said there are endless times to travel within the Matrix.

There seems to be certain places in our “Field” where we get stuck or frozen in time. It is possible to access these time “trauma capsules” and unfreeze our “ECHO’s” or younger selves which are stuck in time. You can give them support and resources to get them out of the freeze response. Once you have helped your younger self their energy can flow more freely. In turn this frees your energy system so you are able to move more freely in your life today.

If you are ready for a little natural (no psychedelics needed) and safe time travel let me know I would love to travel with you on your journey. No experience necessary.