Tips for Ancestral Healing

What is your ongoing problem, issue, complaint? When did you first feel this? Now look into your family history. Is it possible you are unconsciously connecting with an Ancestor out of loyalty to them or to your family system?

Start researching your Family history, going back about 3 generations. What is not talked about or keep secret? Look for things such as abandonment, early death or separation from mother, death of a child, war, ill-gotten gain, mental illness, or addiction.

If someone was excluded in your family history try honoring them instead of repeating their mistakes.

Look for any patterns repeating in your ancestry, around the same age or same amount of time a trauma happened.

If you are not connected with your same sex parent, try to reconnect even if they are still not living. This relationship is where you gain your strength and learn how to be an adult in life.

You can place a picture of your parent next to your bed to honor them and ask them to watch over you and protect you as you sleep.

Participate in a Family Constellation Workshop in your area.

My favorite: experience a Matrix Ancestral Reimprinting session