Matrix Ancestral Reimprinting

I have noticed when facilitating Matrix work with clients that sometimes there are hidden family loyalties. Someone in the past family system has suffered and later some of their beliefs have been inherited. It is possible to go into the Matrix and connect with past family members and we can see patterns and beliefs that flow through our family systems. Once we have connected to say a Great Grandmother we can help her shift and soften some of the unhelpful energies that you may unconsciously be carrying.

If you are experiencing energies and beliefs that feel stuck in different areas of your life such as relationships, money, addiction or health, we can explore Matrix Ancestral Reimprinting together.

I have been participating in Family Constellation work with Leslie Nipps since 2010. I have found the work profound. It has helped me shift challenges in my own life that had felt stuck. Using Family Constellation work I am able to see the family energetic system as a whole. I use many of the ideas and concepts from Family Constellation originator Bert Hellinger. See “Loves Hidden Symmetry” for my Matrix Ancestral Reimprinting Sessions and my Relationship work. There are some differences between Family Constellation work and Matrix Ancestral Reimprinting. In Constellation work we bring in several family members into the “field” and work with them as a whole unit. In Matrix Ancestral Reimprinting we go in and work with different family members individually by visualizing, tapping on them and clearing what is going on for them and at that point we bring them back into the family system and imprint a new supportive and healthier family picture. The ideas are similar and both work with healing past family traumas which we may be unconsciously tuning into. I have found it useful to integrate these two healing modalities to heal generational trauma.