Jill Ford

“The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.” ― Mark Twain

Matrix Birth Reimprinting

Matrix Birth Reimprinting was created by Sharon King www.MagicalNewBeginnings.com

I have been working with clients to help them move forward with more positive relationships in their lives. Recently, much evidence has shown how the time in the womb, our birth and the first six years of life are critically important to our development, especially since these are times when our belief systems are formed. I was finding some of my clients naturally going back to those earlier times and getting amazing results. It seems obvious to me in working with people to heal their present relationships, one moment stands out: going back and re-connecting with our first relationship with our mother while in the womb and our birth experience. Therefore, I am adding to my practice:

Working with your baby self in the womb.

Many people say they have no memories of being in the womb. However, there are several ways of finding subconscious or blocked memories when connecting with babies in the womb. Once you make a connection with your ECHO in the womb you will go in and help yourself in a similar way that we use in Matrix Reimprinting techniques. Beliefs may have formed in the womb which would be helpful to clear. Some of those beliefs may be “I am not wanted” “Life is not safe” “I am unlovable”. Changing these first beliefs can make a big difference in how we perceive life, including our relationships, in the future.

Reimprinting your Birth Story.

What kind of birth experience would you have wanted? It is possible to go back and create a new birthing experience in the Matrix and have a loving and bonding experience with your mother. You can create the stage and re-experience your birth and change your old beliefs about entering the world.

Reimprinting mothers’ birthing experience

Many of us giving birth have had unsupported and traumatic experiences. It can be very helpful to create new positive images and imprint them, especially if you are planning to birth other children.

Future Birth Reimprinting for pregnant women

Many women are returning to natural childbirth using midwives and doulas. It is wonderful that we are living in a time with more choices for Moms and newborns. It is possible to go into the Matrix in the future and visualize the delivery you desire. This can be very helpful relieving the fears around childbirth.

With joy I now offer these new services for my clients.