Matrix Death Reimprinting

I have been working with many clients in ways of reimprinting their birth, their giving birth and their considering giving birth in the future. After recently experiencing my mother’s death, I started to think a lot about death and how in this culture of ours we are often so unprepared for death with people who have been closest to us in life (especially including ourselves!) but when death draws near, we feel overwhelmed or helpless.

This leads me to wonder who would find some interest in exploring death in the Matrix. Ernest Becker wrote an entire book about “The Denial of Death”. I am now searching for brave souls who are ready and willing to go into their future in the Matrix, and find a way to create how they (you) would like to encounter their (your) own death. How would you want it to feel and what could you learn from it? Would this help you to be more conscious of your life in the here and now? It seems to me that birth and death are the two most significant times in our lives.

Having worked with clients and their grief in the Matrix, I understand how difficult it is to find and confront many issues around this for most of us. Many of us have experienced someone close to ourselves in their death experience, and felt that there could and should be a more complete (better?) death for them. For example, maybe it could have been more peaceful or more conscious? Maybe we weren’t able to be as present as we might have been? Or if they died suddenly and everyone felt unprepared, we were left traumatized. There is always shock around sudden death. We cannot change what happened, but we can create new supportive experiences in the Matrix. I know of people who continue to carry their “trauma load” with them for many years after a loved one’s death. It is my strong intent to help folks put down that load and move on with our lives.

Let me know if you would like to begin to release your grief around someone’s death or move into the future in the Matrix and create more consciousness for the future of your experience of death of others and (of course, the sooner the better) ourselves.